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  1. Wish I could join this one. Also consider topping up at the Pomo Pump a little further down. It's at the casino and a fair bit cheaper fuel than the Chevron. Have a great trip all!
  2. That's awesome. Maybe you'll see them on the Rubicon this week too! https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a44851577/rivian-r1s-rubicon-trail/
  3. Nice! How's that Rivian? We weren't able to make it but I was curious what the approximate travel time is from town of Truckee to hitting the lake?
  4. Jesus Christ you’re always on the defensive. I know Miles and the rest will not at all take my congratulations on an epic run and a suggestion on future planning as criticism. These trips take a ton of time and energy to plan and it’s a thankless job as all volunteers to pull them together. That being said, offering up some input on future planning in no way minimizes their efforts so don’t speak for them mmm k? Thanks Bud.
  5. Looks like another epic run! Hate to have missed it. Given the time commitment of these trips along with many of us that want to join have younger families, hopefully for the ‘24 Roverland, the dates can be locked in sooner? Just a hint for the Overland Subcommittee. Longer range planning could help us all out as the miles and remoteness is a whole different experience than rock crawling for a day or two.
  6. Looks like a solid good time! That snow is sticking around for a bit isn't it.
  7. Thanks Miles. I appreciate that info. The timing and distances are just working against me. Bummed but I hope to make another one some day.
  8. On a similar note, what is the realistic assessment of joining up several days late? I’d love to make it but will be on a family vacation. I could possibly be able to meet up on the 27th or 28th if the group is in a reachable area then.
  9. Eric I was being facetious about the cost and Diablo. Not everything needs to be labeled a radical left wing issue. I would HARDLY characterize PG&E as such. But I also think that, as you know, CA does a pretty horrible job of maintaining infrastructure. And this is a utility we’re talking about. My point is that we should all recognize nothing lasts forever and that things change. And that’s ok. Everything is ok. But also, I support the club. And I enjoy the trips. Simply because we may not agree on damn issues shouldn’t mean you are going to personally hope I don’t attend given my ambivalence about something you’re passionate about. We likely have many more things in common. 👍🏼
  10. Flame away but it was an artificial lake to begin with. The infrastructure is ancient and PG&E is probably doing the math and realizing there’s no ROI. After all, they need to save their pennies to keep Diablo Canyon operating. 🫣
  11. Did the dates change? On the calendar it's listed for the 13th! Shoot I can't make 5.20.
  12. Dang you guys scored perfect weather. Beautiful pics. Anyone have a .gpx they can share for the trip? I'd love to run this with the family when weather is cooperating.
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