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  2. Agreed. I'll update the main post. We can discuss when we want to reschedule during the board meeting and re-post and update tonight.
  3. Please double confirm if you still plan on attending so that we can decide if we need to push back the MORG due to weather. Hello Folks a few important updates and need for discussion. 1. Snowflake is going to be taken down for maintenance this weekend, so Mike will be leading this trip. (While Snowflake could make the trip, I should probably quit driving it until I have brake, taillights, and indicators restored....) 2. There is a significant storm likely to drop a bunch of snow over Bowman this week/weekend. Forecast for nearby Soda Springs (similar elevation) is posted below. This storm should lead to an incredible stuck fest, if you can make it up there. 😂. However, if the contingent of folks attending dwindles we will reschedule for later in the month. Please double confirm if you still plan on attending so that we can decide if we need to push back the MORG due to weather.
  4. Awesome. Thanks for sharing! : ). Now Henry and I just need to get sick so we can find time to sit on the couch and binge watch youtube 😂
  5. If folks are planning on going please post up. I've got a maintenance list (and several shorts) on Snowflake a mile long and may be at risk of missing this one. That said, if we have low attendance we can certainly switch this to another weekend in March.
  6. We made it home around 5:30PM. It was a great trip. Colin - your updates were perfect : ). If only I'd have been checking my phone. Will work on getting a writeup done in a couple days. In the meantime, here is a Google Photos album link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/9iexe4RJE72Weenp9 Upload and enjoy!
  7. THIS TRIP WILL BE RESCHEDULED DUE TO FORECASTED BLIZZARD IN THE AREA. STAY TUNED Howdy fellas! It's time to start talking March MORG! (Monthly-Off-road-Gathering) For those that missed out on the Shaver Snow Run you have a chance for some pow hunting in a couple weeks as we are headed up to Bowman lake. ; ). Of course, we will have to see what the weather has in store for us. When: March 2nd and 3rd What: Bowman Lake Snow Run (MORG) - overnight camping for folks that wish. Where: Bowman Lake Meetup Location: Staples, 411 Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn, CA 95603 Plan on meeting at at 9:30 with a 10:00AM departure on Saturday morning. There is a Coffee Shop and a 76 gas station in the same area. Things to know: Roads are unpaved fire roads mostly - be prepared for snow coverage. Winter Camping - It may be cold!! Come prepared. Even if you are not planning on spending the night make sure cold weather gear is packed just in case... This is a MORG - all Rover owners and all vehicle models are welcome to join! If you have a friend that is a rover-head and wants to get a taste for the NCLR club life this would be a good trip. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. For anyone that wants to do even more reading a few applicable 7.5 minute maps: Washington Graniteville Alleghany English Mountain CA_Washington_2000.pdf 45981_English_Mountain_CA_24K_2000.pdf CA_Alleghany_287896_2000_24000_geo.pdf CA_Graniteville_102257_2000_24000_geo.pdf Yuba ranger district MVUM south, back.pdf Yuba ranger district MVUM, front (bowman Lake area).pdf
  8. We made it up the grade. Will be at the pub and grub for about an hour then headed up Dinkey Creek to meet Lutz at the turn to rock Springs Road.
  9. For those looking to convoy out to Shaver from the South Bay Saturday Morning, let's plan on meeting here at 7:30am with a planned 8am departure. 5801 Silver Creek Valley Rd, San Jose, CA 95138 @LR4HD I'll keep an eye out for you. My cell number is 402.741.0231. If anyone else wants to join let me know and we can keep an eye out! Convoy details added to first post.
  10. Well it is Wednesday and about time to start planning any convoys headed up to Shaver. Who all is leaving from the Bay Area early Saturday morning? If there is enough interest, I'll setup a rally point. Ideally, depart time around 7:30-8AM from the South Bay is what I'd be shooting for. That should place us at Shaver Lake around noon if not a little earlier. Depending on how the convoy shakes out we can rally in San Jose or Gilroy.
  11. Hello Land Rover People! We are thrilled to announce that the club will be hosting the Third Annual Overland Event in 2024. _____ 2024 Overland Event Location: For 2024, we plan on traversing Segments 3 & 4 of the Eastern Mojave Heritage Trail in Southern California. The route will start near Ludlow and conclude in Needles, CA covering approximately 350 miles. This route is far more remote than those experienced on Segments 1 &2 we traveled in 2022. The trip highlights are many including petroglyphs, old tank tracks, local history, mines, sprawling scrublands, and of course, incredible desert camping opportunities galore! Dates and Itinerary: May 11th - May 19th As always our pace will depend on a variety of factors including road conditions, speed, interest in stops, etc. Please check back as the itinerary is being put together. Registration: Cost per driver is $65, $30 per Passenger Members will get a discount and get first grabs at the open slots before we open this to the public. The registration fees will go towards T-shirts, patches and other goodies - we aim to make this a break even event. Registration is LIVE! --> https://forum.norcalrovers.org/store/ Registration will be limited to 15 vehicles in order to maintain a manageable event. Difficulty & Vehicle Requirements: Stock vehicles are certainly welcome and will likely have no issues on the trail. While the trail is certainly not easy in all places, I expect we can get everyone through without major difficulty. Adventure trailers are welcome, but expect hitch dragging and tight quarter maneuvering. Things to expect: Pinstripes are 100% going to happen. Divorce yourself from your paint now. There are many steep drops and rises in and out of washes, depending on what this year's winter brings, the roads could be fine, or a washed out disaster. Vehicles that have low profile front and rear bumpers may see scuffing/contact. Minimum Vehicle Requirements Mechanically Sound Rover (as best as they are) Working E-Brake/Parking Brake 30" tires including full-size spare Recovery Points front and rear Center Differential Lock (CDL) (or other modern equivalent) Minimum Gear Requirements: Enough water for each participant for multiple days Extra Fuel Spare parts and tools Tire Repair Kits Fire Extinguisher First Aid kit Recommended Vehicle Requirements and gear: Armor (rear bumpers, diff guards, sliders) Working winch Vehicle Jack and Tire patch kit Shovel Modern Rovers w Air Suspension should have a SYA kit, air lockout kit equipped, or a GAP tool and know how to use it. Attendee Drivers: Sasha / SDS Mike Foster / Mffoster Kevin Yankton / Kevin Yankton
  12. I'd say if we get off trail at a decent time this could be easily do-able
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