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  1. The elk are waiting for us! Don't forget about the Mendo trip this weekend if you can make it. See ya there!
  2. Found this site while looking at rangerovers.net. Pretty cool to see all the original brochures. https://www.auto-brochures.com/land_rover.html
  3. Sorry to hear you can't make it anymore Oliver, I know mendo is a bit far from Merced. Meet up location has been updated.
  4. Would love to go down to Baja! depending on time haha
  5. NOOO! Its sad to hear that a fellow RRS is going to be put out to pasture. I just messaged you about it tho haha
  6. *UPDATE* Due to snowpack, I unfortunately have to move the destination of the trip. Planning on trekking up the Mendo NF. More details to follow in the next day or so. I will plan another trip to Niagra Rim later this year once the snow melts. Hey hey! Our May MORG is around the corner! See all the deets below as they stand. Can't wait to see ya'll there! We will head up into the Mendocino NF, around Lake Pillsbury and back out. When: May 18th and 19th What: May. MORG - overnight camping optional. Where: Mendocino NF Meetup Location: Chevron on CA-20 in Upper Lake https://maps.app.goo.gl/5dmxW57kRfWYehZ77 Meeting Time: 09:30AM Things to know: Easy enough for stock trucks but more fun than just another fire road. This is a MORG - all Rover owners and all vehicle models are welcome to join! If you have a friend that is a rover-head and wants to get a taste for the NCLR club life this would be a good trip. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. I will be coming from San Francisco if anyone wants to meet up along the way we can coordinate Message if you have any questions or concerns, my number is 415-672-4326 Peace and love, Mario
  7. Would it be worth changing the ratio if it needs to be rebuilt or keep it currently stock? Side question, would the people switch to a Borg Warner over the LT230? Not sure if thats even possible in a D1
  8. I unfortunately have to bowman out of this trip. Hope everyone still has a great time in the fresh pow pow!
  9. I'm trying to make it with the adventure sausage...TBD on Rachel. Could also do the weekend of the 9-10.
  10. Hey! I have run the Falken wildpeak A/T3W on my RRS for a while now and love them. They make them in a lot of different sizes as well as not being super expensive. I've had them on all sorts of conditions from sand, wet roads and snowy trails with zero issues.
  11. Sorry @lutz, not going to be able to make this trip anymore. Hope you everyone has a great time!
  12. We will have product in store all week but the selection is less of course.
  13. Hi All, My work is having our annual warehouse sale at our store in the dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. We will have a lot of one off samples and great deals on all sorts of products. The store opens at 9:00am this saturday 12/2. https://tripleaughtdesign.com/pages/dws_2023 See you there! Mario
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