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  1. I unfortunately have to bowman out of this trip. Hope everyone still has a great time in the fresh pow pow!
  2. I'm trying to make it with the adventure sausage...TBD on Rachel. Could also do the weekend of the 9-10.
  3. Hey! I have run the Falken wildpeak A/T3W on my RRS for a while now and love them. They make them in a lot of different sizes as well as not being super expensive. I've had them on all sorts of conditions from sand, wet roads and snowy trails with zero issues.
  4. Sorry @lutz, not going to be able to make this trip anymore. Hope you everyone has a great time!
  5. We will have product in store all week but the selection is less of course.
  6. Hi All, My work is having our annual warehouse sale at our store in the dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. We will have a lot of one off samples and great deals on all sorts of products. The store opens at 9:00am this saturday 12/2. https://tripleaughtdesign.com/pages/dws_2023 See you there! Mario
  7. Delivered 13 rolls of fabric (about 575lbs) to a factory the other day.
  8. I’ll be there with the adventure sausage! Tbd if Rachel will come but planning on getting there early Saturday morning
  9. Agreed, I don't think/hope it's not a full snow run but I did hear there's probably around 6' at Poker Flat.
  10. OK... So I checked in on road conditions...I'm sad to say as of the May 4th corral hollow will be closed until at least the 31st. We will be trying to make the run up to Poker Flat (it's also a ghost town 👻). This trail is a little further for anyone who plans do make it a day trip (at least from the bay). Lets plan to meet at the Rite-Aid in Grass Valley at 10:00 https://goo.gl/maps/acPv2nBdZZP439EQA?coh=178572&entry=tt There are 2 routes to get up to Poker Flat depending on the conditions, so get ready for an adventure! Weather will be sunny with temps in the 60's to 70's during the day and dipping down in to the 40's at night. Don't forget your wooly jumpers! I'll plan to put a corral hollow run on the calendar for later this summer when its open, don't worry.
  11. I did have to move it back a weekend. @Mr.BlueSky can you help update the calendar.
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