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  1. I am trying to figure out how to get there with the family. Do you know if there are hotel options for accomodation?
  2. Moab trip report days 1&2 - Getting there We split the 1000 mile journey into two halves and stayed at Spencer Hot Springs last night. As I got to camp, I noticed the battery light was on just as we got there. It’s partially hidden by my Scangauge and may have been on for a while. I was carrying a sore and swapped it over in no time. I started the engine and the battery voltage was about 12.8V. A little low, but then the battery may have been quite flat. In the morning we started to line up to leave, when Sasha said that his D2 wouldn’t start. It would not crank. The security system had been tripped (possibly due to the hood being open) and we had to reset the system by locking and unlocking the doors. We tried this several times and it was clear that it wasn’t the problem. The next thought was something to do with the PRNDL lever, but there were no tell tale signs of faulty XYZ switch and the gear was correctly show on the dash. We traced the starter circuit through the fuse and relay and down to the starter motor. I was carrying a spare starter and was preparing to swap it out. In desperation I asked Mike to give the starter a whack with a hammer. He used a screw driver handle as a mallet and it worked. The engine fired straight up after and thump to the starter solenoid. The next adventure was my replacement, used alternator. This had come of my parts truck and I did not have any issues with it previously. For this trip, the regulator was partially working at the best of times and switching on and off and slowly draining the battery (fortunately it’s a dispose deep cycle unit). I managed to drive the distance and got as low 10.5 V before the alternator kicked in just as we drove into town. I have a replacement ordered which should arrive at O’Reilly’s tomorrow. We had a nice dinner at Zax and finally scrubbed up before a night cap at the cabin.
  3. I hope to make it for the 23-24th. I only checked the forum today and will have to make arrangements.
  4. My current plan is take take the period of April 3 to April 10 as vacation. I’ll drive to Moab over two days (April 3 and 4) and stay at the campground in a cabin for 5 nights April 4 to 9. The drive home April 9 and 10.
  5. Sadly, I will miss this epic trip this year. The Shaver trips over the last several years have been most enjoyable.
  6. Leaving South Bay now. ETA at the brewery 11.20-30 There’s a suggestion to head out to get the trees and then have lunch. Unless otherwise contacted, we will aim to meet at the brewery and head to the trailhead as soon the three confirmed participants have met.
  7. Hello all. We will be changing the date of this event to Saturday to accommodate the most people. The new date is tomorrow, Dec 2 nd. As per the original plan, let’s aim to meet at the Donner Creek Brewing company for lunch and aim to head out to the trail at 1pm. The brewery opens at 11am and we should be there soon after that. At this stage we have positive responses from the following: Nick Kohlmeyer Gabriel Wocker myself (Robert Dingli) I’ll probably take the L322 and so we shouldn’t be seeking too much trouble Please feel free to call me for any issues and let me know directly if you intend to join us and aren’t on this list 4086370426
  8. I am happy to change the MORG day to Saturday to accomodate Nick. Is there anyone who intends to attend who cannot change to Saturday?
  9. The plan is to meet at the Trailhead around 10am. I’ll be leaving Cupertino at 7am. I’ll have a radio tuned to 146.460
  10. Here is a pin to the trail head on google maps It’s the Corral Hollow OHV Trailhead https://maps.app.goo.gl/fwUxQfQUhkYrtcwH7?g_st=ic Gaia GPX trail to and from the campsite are attached. Corral_Hollow_trail_return.gpx Corral_Hollow_trail_to_campground.gpx
  11. I’m thinking of heading up to Corral Hollow for one night this Saturday, returning Sunday. I would aim to leave the South Bay early and it usually takes about 3.5 hours from Cupertino to get to the trail head. From there it’s about 1.5-2 hours to the campsite. I plan to run the trail anti clockwise from the Bear Valley end. This is a relatively easy trail and all Rovers will be capable. I’ve taken my L322 to this campsite many times. Minor scratches are possible depending on the foliage growth during the season. There are a couple of places where you would have to be careful negotiating rocks in the trail. Come and share the most magical sunsets I have ever witnessed. I’ll check the forum for any interest but you are welcome to call or text my phone for details Robert 4086370426
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