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  1. This is just the first in a series of axle upgrades coming in the next few months from Timm. There will also be standard Rover (D1/RRC/Defender) axle upgrades soon which will be designed to keep your Rover axle alive with today's larger tires and should give SIGNIFICANT strength upgrades while still being a bolt-on solution that requires no fabrication. Again, I'll update this thread as these become available. This is great news for anybody who runs big power or big tires and wants to stay Rover and not fabricate super custom aftermarket axles. Also a good option for those who run extremely heavy rigs even if you don't want to run 40" tires. Or if you just want the peace of mind of having some extra beef.
  2. These upgrades are intended to allow you to use a standard Dana 60 locker like an ARB - a much cheaper and easier to find option compared to a Salisbury specific locker.
  3. I should have photos and video of these next week and will post them here. Jesse Combs is handling distribution and will have a website up for sales by the 1st of the year which I'll also link once it goes live. I'll try to answer any questions you may have in the meantime.
  4. There will be 3 kits offered as follows: (this is being written as of 12/13/23 for reference) 35 spline chromoly axle / big spindle kit for 1994-2002 Defender 110 factory disc brake Salisbury rear Retail Price: $2,585 +$250 hub core charge Includes: - 1 Pair of cromoly big bore spindles - 1 Pair cromoly 35 spline 15 bolt axle shafts - 1 Pair new disc brake wheel hubs - Bearings and hardware 35 spline chromoly axle / big spindle kit and complete disc brake conversion with hubs, brackets, calipers, rotors for 1983-1993 Defender 110 factory drum brake Salisbury rear Retail Price: $3,485 - 1 Pair of cromoly big bore spindles - 1 Pair cromoly 35 spline 15 bolt axle shafts - 1 Pair new disc brake wheel hubs - Bearings and hardware - Brake components: calipers, caliper brackets, rotors, and brake hardware 35 spline chromoly axle / big spindle kit and complete rear disc brake conversion kit with hubs, brackets, calipers and rotors for 1972-1985 Series III factory drum brake Salisbury rear Retail Price: $3,485 - 1 Pair of cromoly big bore spindles - 1 Pair cromoly 35 spline 15 bolt axle shafts - 1 Pair new disc brake wheel hubs - Bearings and hardware - Brake components: calipers, caliper brackets, rotors, and brake hardware
  5. Many of you know Timm Cooper. He's built a ton of amazing trucks and custom fab projects over the years. He's now doing high-end axle options for Rovers, starting with the Salisbury axle. The simple description - 35 spline bolt-on upgrades for the Salisbury. Detailed info follows TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION Spindles: machined from USA sourced 4130 chromoly steel billet, 50MM O.D. bearing surface diameter, for inner and outer bearings, takes Timken 32010X metric tapered roller bearings. Inside pass-thru diameter for axle shaft 1.530" These spindles are designed to position the late style Defender/D1/RRC wheel hub exactly as the 1994-2002 factory disc brake Salisbury rear axle. This allows full compatibility with factory brake components for late 110/130 rear applications. Axle shafts: These 1.500" 35 spline 4340 chromoly shafts have an integral forged drive flange (like real trucks) with a 15 (that's right, fifteen) bolt pattern. The factory 5 bolt pattern was a significant downgrade from the old Land Rover Series 6 bolt, and is troublesome..... We fixed that!! The factory Land Rover wheel hubs this kit is designed for are the 1994-2015 Defender style, also used on 1990-1995 RRC, and 1994-1999 D1. This is the hub the factory used on all the disc brake rear Salisburys. The casting # is HRC1924. We machine these to fit the larger bearings, and drill them for the 15 bolt drive flange pattern. Again, due to the spindle / hub offset, this kit is compatible with all the rear brake components for the 1994-2002 110 and 130 models, making disc brake conversions to early drum brake Salisbury rear axles a bolt-on affair with stock brake parts. Even the earlier Series III 109 rear Salisburys can be upgraded with this kit, only the LH axle shaft is different length. ADVANTAGES OF TIMMCO 35 SPLINE UPGRADE · All TIMMCO axles, spindles and drive flange bolts are manufactured in the USA from USA steel. · Compatible with stock Defender 110/130 disc brake rear Salisbury brake components. · If installing on a drum brake Salisbury, this version of the kit provides a complete rear disc brake conversion to late Defender 110/130 setup. TIMMCO 35 Spline Shafts: · 35 spline axles are 1.500” diameter. Stock Salisbury 24 spline shafts are 1.240” · 90% stronger than 24 spline chromoly · 120% stronger than stock Salisbury axles. TIMMCO 35 15 Bolt Spindle: · TIMMCO 15 bolt flange is FAR less likely to loosen · Larger chromoly spindle and higher capacity bearing setup is approximately 50% stronger than stock. · Integrated one piece axle/drive flange eliminates spline wear and backlash issues · With a TIMMCO 15 bolt flange, each of the 15 bolts carry 1/3 the load compared to the stock 5 bolt pattern · The 5 bolt setup has proven too weak for more demanding use. Loose/broken bolts are repeated problems with these vehicles. · Selective fit bearing preload spacer simplifies maintenance, eliminates bearing "creep" and wear on spindle, and increases rigidity, reducing brake pad "knock back" and low brake pedal in more demanding applications
  6. last call - anybody else who wants in reach out and text me at the number above. We'll be sending out discount codes via email in a couple days
  7. We will revisit this late spring/early summer when the snows melt.
  8. This closes on the 14th. The group-buy is for anything on their website at a straight discount. The more people, the more the discount. Currently I believe we are at 20% - if we get to 30 people signed up we will be at 30%. This is being done as part of total off-road podcast and is open to anybody who's interested. If you are interested, best to ping me directly with your email and I'll forward it on to Derick from TOP who's managing. You can reach out to me via text at 510-825-5056 or on Whatsapp chat. Or DM me here though I don't check in here as often as I used to. Before you ask....yes, you can buy other versions of the 10.6 compressor for less money and no, they are not identical. I have one of the generic twin compressors and there are a number of differences. Morrflate uses actual aluminum heat sinks where the generic ones are plastic and more of a "heat insulator" (ie they are just for looks). Morrflate uses standard US air fittings instead of the oddball chinese ones used on the generics. They also have a built in pressure limit switch that the generics don't have as well as longer-life piston rings. So yes, you can buy "the same" compressor for less, except it's not really the same unless you spend your own time and money to make it the same. Additionally, Morrflate is a small local (Sacramento) company who actually puts their money where their mouth is and supports a lot of pro-offroad enthusiast and public land groups like Blue Ribbon Coalition, FotR, Cal4, CORE, etc Really, the only strike against them is their unfathomable love of toyotas. But I'll try not to hold that against them. Too much. And as mentioned, this discount will apply to anything they sell, not just the compressors. I do plan to pick up one of their 10.6 PSI Pro compressors for my RR L322 though. https://morrflate.com/
  9. IIRC the Forest Service maps do show seasonal closures, but they don't take into account things that close on a case-by-case basis like Dusy or Barrett. They just show a general "normal" closure date range but of course local jurisdiction can change that. I run Gaia, but have been very tempted to go to OnX just because they support 4wd so much more. I'm not sure if it's actually a better platform or not. It seems like OnX may have some better 3D features and the land ownership feature if you get the right subscription is interesting but I think Gaia has more map variations. Again - I "think" since I haven't done more than glance through OnX.
  10. Nice color combo. Tell me about the raised exhaust. Is this an aftermarket cat-back or ? Sorta looks like a snorkel as well (?)
  11. OK, who's up for a last-minute Rubicon run before the snow starts? Thinking go in Saturday the 4th from Loon Lake. Wheel down and do the RTF Loop (I've been wanting to do this since it opened a couple years ago) then camp at Buck Island Lake. Sunday head out via Old Sluice back to Loon entrance and home. Obviously not everybody is interested in trying Old Sluice. Body damage is very possible there. It's another section I've been wanting to hit but haven't had a chance. If you wanted to come but not hit Old Sluice you could just go back out Indian Trail like normal. Of course I don't know what the weather will be - if it's raining I'm probably going to wuss out. I might go if it snows. November is a crapshoot. Anybody?
  12. It seems like unless we have an unexpectedly warm winter this will have to be pushed until next spring/summer. I'll keep it open though and if some of you want to put some dates out just let me know.
  13. It may be time I actually get out to TX to show those fools what real wheeling looks like!
  14. I'm planning to come down for this one! I recently had a chance to visit the tap room and learned there are many EBB beers I didn't know about. I plan to enlighten myself. Sadly, I don't think Michele will be able to come so I won't be able to get that enlightened. 😁
  15. OK then....it seems like we've lost the basic reason for putting this thing on. Right now it looks like Mike is about the only one still in. I'm willing to try for the first part of November but weather will be pretty questionable by then. Anybody want to put a date forward? That late in the year we could probably do a weekend if it makes it easier.
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